Posted by: begraceful | September 23, 2013

Crunchy, granola, hippy and all that stuff

So i didn’t think i would be as crunchy as i am as a parent. I didn’t have a plan exactly but i didn’t even know about cloth diapers 3 years ago. So…
– Yes, we cloth diaper. It’s not that big of a deal to me. We do more laundry I’m sure but he has only had blowouts in disposables and 2 diaper rashes. His skin definitely appreciates it. It’s fun to try different types and figure out the best combinations, especially for night. Maybe that’s part of it. Since i quit my job, i have had little mental simulation. figuring out cloth has added a later of challenge to life!
-Mostly due to the cloth diapers, we use all natural baby lotions, bottom balm, shampoo etc. Diaper creams contain petroleum usually (and zinc oxide) that can cause cloth to repel liquids. Definitely not what you want for diapers! So we use Earth Mama Angel Baby products. So far so good!
– baby led weaning. Such a misnomer. It should really be baby-led feeding. That’s what i wanted to do but it turns out that our son enjoys the spoon. He helps us feed him with one. So far he enjoys bananas, rice cereal and beans.
-Amber teething necklace. It’s not something for the baby to chew on… I thought so originally too. The necklace is for him and releases a chemical to hello with teething pain. People keep asking if it works. my answer is that i am not going to remove it to find out! If it doesn’t, at least it’s pretty!
– Babywearing. I wear my baby. It sounds way more odd when you say it like that. I own 3 baby carriers and am renting a forth! It’s so nice to get groceries with 2 hands. Now i just need to learn back carries!
– we compost and garden. And have 3 rain barrels… I think that’s just smart living in central Texas and not that uncommon i guess.

I’ll have to think of other natural things we do….


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