Posted by: begraceful | September 18, 2013


Little man is 7 months old now. He’s so fun right now because he’s so much more interactive than before. We love to make him laugh. Right now it’s easy if you sing part of a YouTube video….what does the fox say? Hilarious. He giggles at that. He is also ticklish behind his shoulder blades…
We went on a trip 2 weeks ago now to visit my parents in Florida. It was wonderful. We have a ton off pictures because we all had our phones all the time.
Little man had his first swim in the gulf and showed off his cuteness to nana and papa. We also swam in their pool and went out to restaurants. The boy can now sit in a highchair,  although we sometimes have to add padding to fit him better. It makes dinner so much easier since he now likes to keep an arm out of the ergo to grab things… like my food!
The baby liked the crib they had and since returning home, has been napping in his own! Winning! I have gotten so much more done as a result. For instance, yesterday i showered and did the dishes! Only negative is that i used to clip his nails when he slept on me…tricky.
One day we went to the beach and Eric and i forgot our phones. We were using an app to track baby things likes sleep, diapers and nursing. Well, we did it cold turkey by accident and we’re now app free! It’s pretty freeing but also makes me pay more attention to the clock. Instead of looking at the app, i have to remember what time he woke up so i don’t miss his sleepy cues and can plan his next nap. This may sound silly to non-parents but i have left for appointments early so the baby would nap in the car instead of me having to wake him up to leave. As they say…never wake a sleeping baby. Ok, it’s not true but it’s best if you don’t!
We’ll see what this next month holds. He has started ‘crawling’ backwards in addition to continuously rolling. : )


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