Posted by: begraceful | August 27, 2013

Does not compute

So our pediatrician’s office has an online appointment request system. I figure, the appointment I need to make is for about 2 weeks out and they have a 48 hour response time. Totally fine. Plus it’s a well check, non emergency. Done. Four days before the appointment I receive a call after 5pm which I miss. It’s the doctor and they want me to call back. I do. I get their after hours stuff of who to call for the nurse line etc.. Of course I do, it’s after 5. I forget to call the next day (man I have to write EVERYTHING down!). They call again, this time at 4:50ish. Interesting. I did answer that one and guess what… our appointment is double booked and we need to reschedule. Oh and they have no more openings this week. She said something about having so many physicals since school starts soon. Um sorry, why is that my problem? Sounds like you’re taking on too many patients if that’s a line you’re going to give me… I mention that I made this appointment through the online system quite a while ago. Her response: it’s not too hard to call and we know the doctor’s preferences. You must be kidding. So if not for a well check, why would anyone use the online system? If you broke your arm, you’re not going to do a 48 hr wait… I flat out told her there is no point to using the system then if it’s just going to double book. I was pissed. I hope she heard it. I need to follow up with a note to the doctor about it just so he’ll know.
The rescheduled appointment was yesterday. The doctor finally saw us 40 minutes after our scheduled time. He went through his checklist and didn’t even ask if I had any questions. I had to stop him as he was packing up his things and ask him my most important two.
In related news, we are changing pediatricians. I’ve heard good recos from some friends about a doc a bit further away. Honestly, if she’s any better than this, I’m going. I really hope she’s accepting new patients.


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