Posted by: begraceful | August 22, 2013

Getting the hang of things

Well kinda. In my head i am. I feel much better about my ability to mother this little babe. Sometimes I’ll get a jolt of inspiration and feel like i can cook and clean and get this house in order. Then when JJ goes down for the night, all i want is to relax with a glass of wine. Right now I’m trying to not be hard on myself that the house could use vacuuming, organizing and really, a deep deep cleaning… I am caring for a precious little man. He is napping on my lap right now and I’m trying to not think about the house things i should be doing. I have kept up with the laundry ok. Probably because it is a necessity… I’m getting better at putting the baby down. Eric was always saying that i carried him too much. I don’t think that’s possible though. 🙂 Now that he is getting older, he doesn’t need me to entertain him 100 percent. More like 90. 🙂
Things i need to do:
– clean the baby’s bathroom so we can take baths up there. Right now there is a spider in the tub. Shows you how much we use the bathroom/how awesome i am at cleaning…
– vacuum more often. This boy well start to crawl in a few months and would probably appreciate not being covered in dog fur…or i would appreciate it!
– the dishes. Sigh. Never ending…

I would also like to get back to sewing. Slowly but surely. I’ve made things for the baby at least.
Anyway, I’m feeling better about our loose schedule and getting baby to nap. Right more he will only nap for over 33 minutes if he is physically on me. The Ergo has been awesome for this. I’m officially a babywearer. I didn’t realize how crunchy we are. Ah but that is for a different day. Especially because this post had taken 3 days to finish… And has a ton of typos..


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