Posted by: begraceful | July 26, 2013


We are currently on vacation in Pennsylvania and BB is currently sleeping on his Grammy’s chest. : ) This has been a good vacation for me. I usually hold BB most of the time at home and here there are others who want to hold him. I tend to put off chores, fixing meals, personal hygiene… all to keep the baby happy, developing well by getting enough tummy time, interaction and playing. Eric has always thought that I hold him too much. I do need to put him down more. He should be sitting up soon which I hear is a game changer!
With the break this week, I am feeling more energized about keeping our house clean, doing sewing projects and generally doing things. I guess I’m feeling more like me!
I’ve had a few ups and downs through this baby thing. Week 3? Definite down with some baby blues. Month 3? Up! Feeling good! Month 5? Good big baby who is so much more interactive and playful! He has been hugging me lately around the neck. It’s so sweet until he pulls the hair on the back of my neck. : )
I love him.




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