Posted by: begraceful | July 18, 2013

5 months

Hello baby!
Happy (day after your) 5 month birthday!
You have grown so much. You had your first little cold this week and I took you to the doctor as a first time mom would… we found out that you weigh 15 lbs 8oz! You have moved into the 50th percentile in weight now. We can tell from your chubby cheeks and thighs!
You are curious about everything! No matter what it is, you want whatever is in my hand and you’d like it in your mouth pleaaase momma! You are on the verge of sitting on your own. You like to use your arms to prop you up. You also have started playing more on your tummy. Thankfully, since you roll over every time I put you down once you learned how!
We are going on a trip tomorrow to visit your dad’s side of the family. It’ll be your first plane ride. I’m excited and busy over packing. I hope you enjoy the trip and are ok on the flight.


Love you baby boy!


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