Posted by: begraceful | July 4, 2013

4.5 months

Oh my little baby. You are sleeping across the room from me right now. You are growing up into a baby from an infant. I’m not sure what the official age ranges are for those terms but you don’t feel like an infant to me.
You still have no teeth but the past few days have been rough on your gums. They hurt you, you cry, then I’m sad. Hopefully some teefs will come in soon! We are going to swim ‘lessons’ this summer. So far, you have enjoyed it, squealing with delight. You seem to enjoy the water and do pretty well with water on your head and in your face. Yay! You are CRAZY buoyant since you’ve still got lots of baby fat going on.
We fixed up my old cell phone this week and it is officially yours. We use it mainly for the white noise app but daddy found some fun baby sounds apps that you are enthralled by. I don’t want you to be staring at a screen all day but you are definitely in a screen generation.
You still hate tummy time, even when I put a cool toy within your reach! I’m impressed with how quickly you roll over now. Last night I actually found you on your tummy in your bassinet! I’m wondering if it was an accident or on purpose. I guess time will tell.
I’m sorry I missed your 4 month birthday post. Oops! I can tell you that you’ve doubled your birth weight and have some adorable chunky legs.
You officially love to be outside. I take you out to sit and play in the mornings when its still cool. You coo and shriek with delight. You love the wind in your face and stare at the birds and the tree.
I hope you have another wonderful month baby boy and do even more cool stuff.
Love, Momma


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