Posted by: begraceful | May 26, 2013

Custom diaper bag

I’m not putting together a tutorial on this as there are so many out there in the blogisphere. This is a good resource: diaper bag tute.
I came up with the dimensions and design of my bag but there are some things I’d change. I believe I made it 15″ wide, 10″ tall and 3.5″ deep. I would make it deeper – maybe 5″ if I did it again. I used a grey corduroy exterior and dotted laminated cotton interior with blue stitching. I do like the laminated cotton and the corduroy has been ok. I topstitched on purpose and wanted it to show. In hindsight, I should have used a brighter thread or something because you can barely see the design I added to the front.

I made the strap way too long. I wanted it to be long enough for Eric to use also but it’s a bit too long now. To wear it crossbody, I basically have it as tight as it will go. I do like the technique for making it almost seamless. Another change would be additional interfacing on the bag side of the strap connector. Right now they gather and slide to one side. I’ve added a seam right next to the metal connector but it hasn’t helped much. And now the strap is starting to tear because it’s rubbing on the metal. Ug!

I’m happy with how the internal zipper came out, the external flat slot and the interior pockets. I do wish I had made the external pockets taller. I
don’t think bottles will fit in them well and stay in.

Diaper, burp cloths, wallet, changing pad…

So now I’m debating if I should try to fix this bag after 3 months of daily use or buy one… sad!


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