Posted by: begraceful | May 17, 2013

3 months

Hello baby boy! You are 3 months old today. I think back to those first few weeks and it seemed like this day was so far away. It’s true what they say that the days are long but years (months) are short.
You are still adorable. You smile and sometimes laugh at me. You enjoy cooing and making new sounds to my face. I bet it’s to get me to make them back to you. Of course I do! The latest is a gurggling sound. It’s pretty darn cute. We also stick our tongues out at each other. Your tongue is so cute and little.
We are pretty sure you’ve begun teething. You were quite drooly for a number of weeks but then all of a sudden, you were putting everything in your mouth and chewing instead of sucking. Then you had some screaming jags. You’re not a screamy, crying baby in general so it was initially strange. It was also a painful cry, not your hungry cry. We put on your amber teething necklace we had luckily bought for you at the pecan street festival the week before. We pulled out the frozen teethers, washed sophie the giraffe (in the dishwasher to get rid of her CRAZY squeak. Sorry.) wet some washcloths and got a new teething ring from the store on the suggestion of a friend. You tend to go through the list, not really happy with anything for long. Finally you calm and suck on a pacifier or my finger. Poor baby. You’re not even old enough for any of the medicines that might help. Additionally, your chompers may not break the surface for weeks! Poor baby again! And poor momma and daddy. ; )
You still hate tummy time but you are now enjoying the hanging toys from the activity gym! You have started to try and bat at them now. You are so pitiful on your tummy. Your head control is pretty good actually but the doctor said more tummy time!!
You have lately consolidated to about 3 naps a day if you get to take them without interruption (like from running errands). You had been sleeping 8+ hours a night straight through but for the past week, you’ve decided you’re hungry and wake up 5-6 hours in. We’re very thankful that you go back to bed! And when you wake up in the morning, you have the biggest smile for me. It makes me melt! And if I’m tired, it makes me feel so much better. What a great start to the day.
I love you little man! Your daddy loves you too!



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