Posted by: begraceful | February 12, 2013

Our sweet girl

We had to say goodbye to our sweet Sydney today. I think it will continue to hit me over the next few days.

She was a sweet, goofy problem child. Barking at air, howling at sirens, kicking her brother out of a dog bed so she could sleep there and eating paper when she was mad that we’d left the house… She had the worst smelling farts and the most hilarious snoring. Her wagging tail hit the wall rhythmically and often. She was officially family, especially how she slept like my husband & his family; with one eye only slightly closed. 🙂 She hung out with me at dog parks and preferred to greet all the humans instead of the dogs. She was little miss independent but loved to follow me around and let me hug her whenever I wanted. I’m really going to miss her.

What happened: All her lumps and bumps that weren’t cancer or were precancerous basically spread internally. I had just taken her in to the vet yesterday for her yearly shots and to test all the latest skin lumps. The ones we poked were amazingly fine. Her blood work showed higher than normal white cell counts but pretty normal kidney and liver function. We took home some antibiotics. This afternoon, I knew something was wrong. She was restless and not herself. She wouldn’t follow me into the next room. She wouldn’t lie on her side and later cried when I touched her belly. I called the vet and decided to take her in. We’re not sure if it was the mast cells or hemangiosarcoma but through ultrasound, they found that an internal tumor had ruptured and blood filled her abdomen. They would have done surgery to stop the bleeding but first did a chest xray to check if it had spread. It had metastasized around her lungs, heart, just everywhere. At that point, we just couldn’t put her through surgery to stop just one tumor when the same thing would happen with the others soon enough. If we didn’t euthanize, she would bleed out while in pain. It was really a simple decision.
We had both been working up to it for the past year through the multiple surgeries to remove lumps and tumors. We both knew this was likely to happen at some point. I don’t think you can ever be ready though. We sat with her, petting and talking to her. Her usually constantly moving tail was still. She was still uncomfortable.

I’m sure I will be sad for a while. Tonight it was great remembering all the funny things about her; the silly things she did. I’m still so glad we rescued her. We loved her very much.


Syd napping last week. 🙂



  1. I’m so sorry for your loss, but inspired that you’re remembering all the great memories. A way I’m sure your Sydney would want to be remembered.

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