Posted by: begraceful | February 10, 2013

37th week


This is me 2 days ago. Look at that big belly! So I have 3 or so weeks to go at the very most. This week will be my 38 week appt where I’ll be checked and induction at 41 weeks will be discussed in more detail. Hopefully we don’t get to that point though.
We have hospital bags packed and ready to go. Car seat bases installed. Nursery ready!
I’ve been feeling pretty darn good lately. Getting fatigued by the end of most days and feeling huge. I do have some aches and pains but like I said before, nothing bad enough or constant enough to complain about. At our infant CPR class last week there was a girl a week behind me whose feet and hands were very swollen! I’m so grateful that I’m not experiencing things like that. I get some sharp hip pain sometimes when BB is sitting on nerves somewhere. Different from sciatica though! Haven’t had that in a while *knocking on wood somewhere eeek* and the rest has mostly been from his movements. He likes to stick his knee in this one spot and also stretch out every now and then. 🙂
I have had some more Braxton Hicks over the past week. I could probably count the number on one hand. They didn’t feel like the first ones I got months ago (EXACTLY like menstrual cramps) but instead the best description really is like they say, ‘tightening’ of the uterus. Anyway, not the sensation I was expecting but nothing too crazy.
I think it was last week or maybe the previous week that I finally started getting stretch marks around my belly button. Oh well!
What else? We’re technically full term now. Wooo! No signs of labor but it should happen in the next few weeks!! Exciting, scary and back to exciting. When you’re only 11 weeks or so, 40 sounds like forever but I’m actually almost there and that’s even crazier.


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