Posted by: begraceful | January 25, 2013

Friday Tidbits – big belly edition

·         I have a big belly as Eric likes to point out often. : )

·         Last week, two showers were thrown for me! One at work and then the one with friends. You should see Bubbly Muppet’s post up soon.  I know she’s agonizing over it. ; P

·         We are so blessed to have so many friends and family who love us and BB already. We’ve received so many wonderful gifts and are definitely prepared for BB’s arrival if we need to be. We have an agreement though. He’s supposed to wait 2 more weeks at least.

·          I’ve had a few Braxton Hicks in the past few weeks. Like, maybe 2 and I can tell they’re fake contractions. They really did feel like menstrual cramping. Just a tightening/pressure in the bottom quarter or third of my uterus. So strange.

·         I’m 35 weeks along and my belly button keeps coming out more!  It is definitely protruding more than just a few days ago.

·         I’m getting more uncomfortable as we go but it’s not really to the point of complaining. I know lots of ladies have back and other pain that are continuous. My hips start to hurt some nights when I’ve been sitting too much (I think). Sometimes BB stretches in there and pushes his butt or something WAY out next to my belly button. Oof that’s uncomfortable! But fun to watch!

·         Last night I swear I felt a leg. I haven’t been able to differentiate body parts. Just large hard things pushing out. But last night? Definitely an appendage!

·         He’s supposedly 5 lbs now. Eeek!

·         We get to see him again next Wednesday when we go in for our 36 week ultrasound! We’re both quite excited. I’m imagining it’ll be totally different from the first ultrasounds and it’ll be like zooming in and we’ll only be able to see parts of him at a time. Heheheheheeeeee!

·         We went to a Baby Care Basics class this week. I thought it was kinda light on content but oh well. We did learn that at this point (35 weeks), they won’t stop my labor if it starts. Meep! It’s not like I was banking on that or anything but kinda freaky to think about!

·         I have 2 goals this weekend. 1) finish the diaper bag 2) start (at least!) the glider recovering.

·         I was looking at Pinterest and a blog post of 100 organizing tutorials. Now there are other things I want to do… oh dear. Maybe nesting will hit and I’ll be productive?

·         So my weight gain had been pretty slow this whole time – only 1 pound over 2 weeks over the holidays for instance – however, last week, I had gained 4 since the dr appt 2 weeks prior. Hahahahaha I think next week it’ll be another 3 or so. He’s busy putting on fat so I’m fine with that. I think I’m still only at +20 anyhow. The past few weeks is the first time I’ve gotten more hungry than an extra snack a day so I think I’m doing fine.

·         I wonder what the sleepless nights will be like with an infant. Until this week, I was waking up 3-6 times each night with Sydney’s licking, Parker doing something, leg cramps or to pee. I had one day that wasn’t great after a night of waking up every 2 hours. Isn’t that what they say about infants? We’ll see!!!

·         I’m really thankful that my parents are here. They are offering to cook and clean when Eric & I are home with a newborn. : ) I bet they also want to hold him – BB, not Eric. Although that would be an interesting sight.



  1. You’re so funny. I’m so excited for you and Eric!! Can’t wait to meet the little man. . . although, like you said, not for a few more weeks at least!

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