Posted by: begraceful | January 10, 2013

Things I’ve learned

This whole parent thing is going to be an education, I know. I’m learning all sorts of things I didn’t expect to and lil man isn’t even here yet!

Random things:
– When sizing maternity clothes (at least at first), you should wear the same size you were pre-pregnancy. I.e. if you wore a small, try on small maternity sizes.

– A number of stores have maternity selections but only online. Not convenient for the time in your life when you really want to check for fit…

– The rubber-band-holding-jeans-closed trick only lasts a few weeks…

– When packing a hospital bag, pack two. That doesn’t mean pack a bunch of stuff… Bag 1 for L&D with relaxation stuff, snacks for birth partner… stuff you want for actual labor. Bag 2 for recovery with toiletries, stuff for nursing, going home clothes etc. Makes sense!

– Yoga breathing and postures are good for managing labor. Especially: cat/cow, childs pose, hip circles, standing hip figure 8s (really a belly dancing move), deep lunges etc.

– Pack n Plays are pretty cool. I’m pretty sure it will be useful for years.

– So are BOB strollers. We received one from Eric’s brother and sister. It is so cool. We wanted to take it on a trial run with a stuffed animal but stopped ourselves. 🙂

– Some insurance plans cover breast pumps. Handy! Not handy? I have to get a Rx… ha

– “If you’re drunk, your breastmilk is drunk.” Hahaha ok I didn’t JUST learn that but that’s what the LC said at my BF class and it cracked me up.

– Also from BF class: the colostrum I’m producing now is appropriate for a preemie and once I get closer to full term, it’ll be nutritionally balanced for a full term baby. The body is fascinating.

– Every pregnancy/woman/baby is different. I have a friend a few months behind me who had NO symptoms until recently. I have a friend who gained over 50 lbs. I will likely be closer to 25 lbs. A friend’s mom had her shoe size increase by half a size with each pregnancy. I haven’t had any changes to my extremities. Actually, i think my arms are thinner. My boobs have gotten bigger but I know others with no size change.


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