Posted by: begraceful | January 6, 2013

Hello 2013!

Ah a new year… I’m not one for resolutions, I tend to make specific changes throughout the year. However, there are some things I’m planning and thinking about for this year:

– To dos- Eric and I have started using a list sharing app on our phones called Out of Milk. It has made us quite productive! I have gotten better at inputting all the things I want to get done so *gasp* they’re actually being completed! With a baby coming, I’m sure to use this often and keep track of my lists. Yay!

– Sewing- getting on it! I’ve already started a bit while we were off from work over the holidays. I have the hot air balloon mobile almost done and all but the strap of the diaper bag are ready to assemble. I hope to actually start up Sweet Stitchery but we’ll see what time looks like this year.

– Exercise- not sure how this will manifest in 2013 but some days I just feel like going for a run! Of course I can’t with my belly companion but I hope to get to being active pretty soon after his arrival. I’ve been doing prenatal yoga and I’m sure to continue with other classes as I’ve prepaid for some passes already. 🙂

– BABY!- obviously a large change in 2013 will be the arrival of BB! I’ve been reading books and have a few more in the queue (side note: queue is the weirdest word ever!). Childbirth classes start next week and we get to have another ultrasound in 4 weeks and see BB again!! (Another side note: did you know the size estimates they give you at the end can be 2 lbs off? That could be a quarter of his weight! That’s just ridiculous…) This also coincides with another exciting thing…

– My parents moving back to Austin!- the lil man is the main draw but I’m excited to have them around and soon! I miss them and although I’m sure they will miss their beach home, they’ll love seeing all their TX friends I’m sure and will still go back for visits.

Yay for new adventures!


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