Posted by: begraceful | December 5, 2012

Week 28


Bathroom pic from last week!!

How far along? 28 weeks!! Hello third trimester!! Wow, the 2nd just flew by.

Maternity clothes? All maternity on the bottom, I still have some tops I can squish into. If I could hang out naked, I would. It’s quite comfy. : ) Second best: dresses!

Sleep: I’ve been sleeping well which seems to surprise everyone I talk to. I wake up to pee once or twice and the dogs tend to wake me up making noise but I’m used to that. Even though he’s moving lots, he’s not waking me up at this point. 

Best moment this week: Having a good appointment this morning I think. It was the glucose tolerance test and it wasn’t as bad as people say. Sure, the orange drink didn’t taste great but I’m not expecting a margarita… We’re growing well and gaining weight so I’m happy! My BP is good, his heart beat is good. Yay!

Miss Anything? Maybe margaritas…: )

Movement: Plenty of movement randomly all day but especially around 2-4p and 8-10p right before bed. I love that time when Eric can feel him and we talk to him and hang out before bed. : )

Food cravings: Still dairy it seems. I could go for a creamy pasta right now.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope!

Gender: Baby boy

Labor Signs: Nothing! No more Braxton Hicks either. He needs to stay cookin.

Belly Button in or out? Sort of in? It’s all tilty and i think the top is beginning to be pushed out!

Wedding rings on or off? On. My arms and legs and hands are still normal size.

Mood: Enjoying being pregnant right now. Really happy about my last appointment. I’m feeling great even with some aches and that makes me happy!!!!

Looking forward to: Meeting this lil man mostly! But also going to childbirth classes and such.


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