Posted by: begraceful | November 24, 2012

Sydney my poor problem child

We joke that Sydney is a problem child. And she is. She’s stubborn and a toot. She has numerous medical problems and only one reoccuring that is really her/our fault. That’s the cancerous or precancerous red bumpy lumps on her belly from sunbathing. The other stuff is Mass Cell tumors, fatty tumors (harmless but strange), and the eye thing that no one can figure out. Note, she’s 9 and Wiems live to be 15 at most. She was nicknamed ‘Goldie’ coming into Rescue because she had been found stray and her fur was sunbleached… She loves sunbathing and at this point, the damage is done. Us slathering her with sunscreen (she loves this, tastes great she says!) or keeping her from going outside is just not going to do any good.

So that’s just standard Sydney. My baby. The sweetest little girl who loves hugs and kicking her ‘brother’ out of dog beds just because she wants to lay in that particular one. : )

So you know she’s a princess, she has medical issues… she is overly familiar with the cone of shame. : ) Well, recently she had been obsessing over and licking one of her wrists. The vet posits that it was likely a bug bite or something initially and now she won’t just let it scab over, she has to break it open and lick it and lick it and lick it and… so she was put on Prednisone, an oral steroid, to get her to stop and give it time to heal. She scraped the scab off with her cone one night last week and was getting blood everywhere. We bandaged it up. Next day, she somehow got to and ate part of the bandage (not all that surprising really… she hates anything on her like that). And so I figured out how to bandage it better, double cone her and she wasn’t able to reach it. Whew. Ok so, long term steroid use (like Prednisone) has some side effects including liver damage etc etc. but short term, one of the things is that it makes puppies thirsty. Sydney just can’t drink enough water. If we let her drink her fill, she’ll throw it up shortly. and then try to drink that. charming. She also cries when I take up the water. So, we deal with the crying and just give her little bits of water at a time and make sure the doors are closed to the bathrooms as she’s learned that there is water in toilets. : )  Monday night she threw up water. I thought I’d given enough time between bits of water but apparently not! So that was fun to clean up from the carpet.

The other thing that happened with her Monday night is gross. I’m prefacing this for you. Grossed out easily? Stop reading. Ok, that was your warning!!


Sydney, oh Sydney… After she had her dinner and before she threw up water actually, she went outside to potty like usual. I also had to pee (because someone was on my bladder….) and came out to find her walking around my bathroom. I said ‘Whats uuup!’ She said, ‘Nothin momma!’ ok not really… but I was just watching her and noticed something sticking out of her butt. With a sigh, I grab some kleenex to help a girl out. I tug on the creepy thing and it looks kinda ribbed. She doesn’t seem too perturbed, which is good since my first thought was uuuh is this your intestine? but no… So I take another go at it and pull it out. I swear I pulled out the last 5 inches of a snake or snakeskin. I can’t think of what else it could have been. I’m disgusted because um gross, snakes are gross and snakes in butts are gross. But I don’t gag. I didn’t really examine it thoroughly because, gross. I throw it away and tell my husband when he arrives home. : )

And this is how I know I’m ready for kids. Well, I guess I should admit that I express her anal glands when needed so technically, I was probably already ready! Wooooo and boy that stuff is gross…


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