Posted by: begraceful | November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

All of my coworkers dressed up yesterday save one. I made Eric & my costumes and I think they came out pretty well. I looked around the interwebs weeks ago for preggo costume ideas that didn’t involve me painting & showing off my belly. What’s up with that? Anyway, I found this blog post and used it as a loose guide for our costumes.

I like the baby skeleton. : )

We don’t eat a ton of fast food, especially burgers & fries so we had to think up something else for Eric’s belly. He decided on a T-bone steak and a beer bottle. I don’t think many people would recognize a glass of whiskey.

Our Halloween night consisted of…
–          Picking up Eric’s car from the shop
–          Stopping for dinner at Trudy’s – YUM stuffed avocado!
–          Purchasing a crib & dresser from Target and waiting almost 40 min for it to be found in the back room and brought up.
–          Eric putting together the crib!!!!! So exciting!!!

How was your Halloween?


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