Posted by: begraceful | October 15, 2012

Week 20 – Halfway there!!

How far along? 20 Weeks & 6 days
Maternity clothes?  
Sorta. I can get away with non-maternity tops for the most part but maternity pants are just way more comfy if I’m not in a dress.
Stretch marks?
I thought I was getting some on the ladies but maybe I imagined it?  
Sleeping as well as I did pre-pregnancy. i.e. the dogs wake me up in the night and now I also use the restroom at the same time.
Best moment this week:
Our 20 week ultrasound! We got to watch him moving and looking cute. See his heart woosh woosh. ❤
Miss Anything?
Still sushi a bit. But not too badly. I’ve had a few California rolls to trick myself.
Not real consistent yet but I feel him every now and then. From watching the ultrasound and not feeling him I’m thinking when I do feel him, he must be kicking so hard!
Food cravings:
Nothing in particular. However, lots of things sound good when I see commercials, drive past restaurants, think about creamy pasta… what?
Anything making you queasy or sick:
A few strong smells will still do it. When I’m overly hungry I get a bit queasy but at least it’s not gag inducing.
Baby boy – confirmed again at ultrasound.
Labor Signs:
Nothing thank goodness.
Belly Button in or out?
Still in
Wedding rings on or off?
great. Today I’m especially happy. I had a few days of being down but nothing more than I would typically have 1x/ month. Thankfully I recognized it as such and it wasn’t a big deal.
Looking forward to:
Painting the nursery, finishing his mobile, crafty things like that. Eric being able to feel him kick!

I just found this in some old files. I wrote it sometime around 2009…
…of pregnant ladies – How ridiculous does that sound? But it’s true.
I know I’m not ready to have babies. I really do know that. I still feel like I don’t know where I’m going in life much less guiding a child’s life. I also value my (limited) sleep way too much. I’m already tired a lot. Anemia and long commutes will do that to a person. I just envision being pregnant and happy. Excited about the possibilities, content with my growing body. I’m sure I wont be a perfect pregnant lady. I KNOW I will be moody, just for a different reason than usual. I’m sure I’ll be indecisive, cold, then hot, don’t touch me, now give me a hug… I can just see it. However, I can’t shake the jealousy feeling. I also know pregnancy isn’t all it’s cracked to be in movies. I honestly do realize that acne, cravings, cramps, ‘body changes’ are all “normal” for pregnant women. I know there are many potential complications, pain, drugs… but a small part of me still wishes it was me. Probably because I know it’s not in the cards right now. Our plans do not account for a baby at the moment but I sorta wish they did. I go back and forth between the reality of knowing I’m not ready and the ideal of a beautiful pregnancy.

: )


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