Posted by: begraceful | September 23, 2012

Catching Up: Week 16

Week 16 was so fun! I’m feeling better and better, eating more and more and not getting queasy in between! Wednesday was also the date of our first ultrasound. Since Eric had missed the heartbeat appointment, he really wanted to make this one. I’m SO glad he did. He has decided from the beginning that we are having a boy. No reason really. He just wanted a boy first and had decided it. I didn’t really care what gender BB was. We knew that it was still pretty early as far as ultrasounds go. The only gender they would be able to confirm for us is if it indeed was a boy. I have to say, watching a baby in utero is FASCINATING. Moving around, little tiny hands, feet, face. It was awesome. And they were able to tell us the gender, which means… It’s a boy!! He was showing off the boy stuff so they got a good look. We also got to see his little tiny heart go ‘woosh woosh’ and his whole body moving around. It was just so cool.
In the appointment after the ultrasound, I learned that I again lost weight. I was down about 3 lbs from my initial weight in week 5. Not so great when you’re trying to grow a baby! The doctor and nurses weren’t concerned as they said I’d make up for it later. A few coworkers noticed too. They agreed that my legs and arms looked thinner. I agree. Especially since I haven’t been on the soccer field, I’m losing my soccer thighs. That part is nice, but not the losing weight part…
I’m not sure if it was this week but I have to tell a funny story and document the fact that I’m a cool wife. That’s right. So I haven’t really been all that moody or hormonal so far. I’m quite happy about this fact as I hear about crazy pregnant women who are mean and nasty or just cry a lot. I mentioned this to Eric as we were getting ready for bed just saying, it’s nice that I haven’t been too moody or hormonal. What does he say? That I should be pregnant all the time. !!!!!!! We both busted out laughing. Which is why I’m cool and he’s lucky. : )

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