Posted by: begraceful | September 19, 2012

Early pregnancy

If I’m going to chronicle, I’d better get started. Now to the backlog of the time when it was secret!
There was a lot of thinking and discussing and timing and whatnot in terms of saying yes, let’s do this kid thing. I think it started being vocalized in January when Eric asked if I wanted to be pregnant during a certain season. Summer in Texas is crazy hot but at the time I thought, you know what, you get a baby at the end, so I can deal with some discomfort. Didn’t know what I was in for! : ) Anywho, for my birthday in April, Eric gave me a Kindle and he had preloaded it with a few books. One was a book he was reading while I had been gone with work for two weeks. He claims he was just making sure the Kindle worked… sure! Another was the Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy. And this is the very surprising way he let me know that he was ready. So if you’re busy calculating over there, yes, we have been blessed and didn’t try for very long without success. We both agree this is just so great. We both know that I would turn into an anxious wreck, counting days, scheduling, monitoring. Oy. Anywho, we’re SO lucky. And thankful!

I first took a test at the end of June and it came back positive. Since it was a really old test and really expired, we decided we should probably buck up and get another. So after waiting for a few more days, we tested again with a new test. This one was positive too! We couldn’t believe it. I made an appointment with my doctor for a few weeks out and kept our little secret. At this point, I was only 4.5 or 5 weeks along so it wasn’t too difficult. I didn’t really feel any different and definitely wasn’t showing or anything. Then came week 6… I shall refer to it as dreaded week 6. That is the week I started getting morning sickness. I had assumed that most people knew that morning sickness is really just a term and can happen any time of day, including all day. Recently I found out that is not the case. So let me tell you, morning sickness? Not just in the morning… Our boss was pregnant recently, due at the end of June so she had been giving me random tips in passing since I’m the only married woman on our team. One good one was airsick bags. Apparently they make morning sickness bags that have flowers and are all fancy. Why? I don’t know. I just had Eric grab a couple of airsick bags from airplanes when he took a few work trips early on. I think I had a stash of about 5 bags and I’ve only used one!

We have some neighbor friends whom we met at wine club and it seems like every time we hang out with them, there is always drinking involved. So of course they noticed that I wasn’t drinking when we saw them a few times. One is a Labor & Delivery nurse too. She noticed right away and was convinced that I was pregnant on July 5th. I was but geez, early! I wasn’t about to spill the beans so early, especially if something awful ended up happening. Other than those friends, no one else really noticed/guessed.

So weeks 6 through about 10 were making me feel pretty crappy. I kept saying to myself, ‘There’s a baby at the end. It’s all worth it!’ I’m sure it is. I also started feeling other changes. First, my prego super power: Ridiculous sense of smell. I could smell anything and EVERYTHING all the time. It was disgusting. I’m sure that was part of the issue with change #2: food aversion. As my doctor explained, evolution-wise, it makes sense that your body all of a sudden has an aversion to some foods. Back in the day, it would keep a pregnant woman from eating those strange berries in the forest. Thankfully, as long as I kept up with my prenatal, the doctors and nurses said, eat whatever you can. I had mac & cheese a lot. Baked potatoes and everything had cheese on it for some reason. I previously loved broccoli, carrots and other veggies but at that point, I couldn’t stomach them. I had a baked potato from Jason’s Deli with broccoli cheese soup on it. It was great. I picked off the fresh broccoli they put on top. : ) I think I only threw up about 5 times in those weeks which is really pretty good. I’ve described it to people this way: It’s like having a very strange and (hopefully) temporary eating disorder. You don’t want to eat because nothing tastes/smells good and also you don’t want to throw it up. ‘They’ suggest not eating too much to where you have a full stomach but also having an empty stomach can make you sick. You know you should eat and want to eat for the sake of the growing embryo inside of you but man is it hard. It’s also hard to figure out what to eat and when you find something that’s ok, you may hate it tomorrow. I ate really small ‘meals’ every few hours to try to even out per ‘their’ suggestions. So it’s pretty much an internal battle all day every day. At the end, I survived. Since week 10 I’ve had some nausea and crappiness but overall, definitely better. I also began to feel exhausted around 7pm at week 8 or so. This is normal too. Little baby just takes everything from you!

I was very excited for my doctor appointment in mid-August. I was at 12 weeks and we were flying to Florida that weekend to see my parents. We’d put together an announcement card and mailed them out to Eric’s family and we were going to tell my parents in person when we got to Florida. So on Wednesday I got to hear the heartbeat (!!!!) and Thursday, we flew to Clearwater. It worked out perfectly that the cards to Eric’s family got there right on time on Friday so everyone was notified on the same day. We got to Florida VERY early on Friday morning; something like 12:20am. We told my parents when we got to the condo. They were elated of course. That was probably our only mistake as they then had trouble falling asleep. : ) Oops! Oh well, they didn’t REALLY mind. It was a nice weekend full of relaxing and walking on the beach. I was able to eat a little more at this point so that was also nice!

Announcement! (ignore the dinged up baseboards courtesy of Parker and his tennis ball)


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