Posted by: begraceful | September 13, 2012

The big reveal!

Now that the secret’s out in the real world, I can share in the blog world!

We are gonna have a baby. Aaaah! How exciting! We’re so excited. It makes me more excited to hear Eric tell people that we’re excited. : )

I’m due on February 26th, 2013. It’s right around the birthdate of numerous family members. I kinda want BB (Baby Barner) to be a few days late and be born in March. That way Daddy’s birthday is in February, Baby’s is in March and Mommy’s is in April! We’ll see… As long as BB is healthy, I don’t ACTUALLY care. The other thing I don’t really care about is gender. Eric is convinced and decided that it’s a boy. I keep telling him to cool it because he’ll be really disappointed if it’s a girl! Haha! I also told him it was all up to him. He was the one in charge of Y chromosomes…

So we’re just into the second trimester now and I’m planning to chronicle this experience here. Not with crazy gory details, but… from what I‘ve heard, once you go through labor, nothing is sacred.

That was the BIG secret. YAY! It’s out! And it feels so good! hahaha



  1. Congratulations!!!!!! How are you feeling so far? We are also expecting – with #2 – we are 11 weeks now! If you want to follow along with someone who is growing a bump come see me at and we can keep up with our bumps!

    • Thanks!! I’m doing much better. I just posted about the early part of not feeling so hot. Congratulations to you! It’s nice to find others who are going through the same things. : )

  2. Yaaaay, the secret’s OUT!!

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