Posted by: begraceful | August 29, 2012

Secret project reveal!

Apologies to all (two) of you who follow this blog. My absence has been long, I know. There are still secrets that I can’t tell you!  …but one that I can. : )

The Secret Project has been finished (thank goodness), mailed and received! Plus, she likes it! Success all around.

Well not all around. I know I shouldn’t be so nitpicky about my work but it’s hard not to be. There are things I would change, but mostly just lots of things I learned. For instance, thread tension is important and tricky! Backstitching is also vital.

Anyway… to the project itself. I wasn’t sure what to do for Emma’s birthday until I remembered I had promised a turquoise and purple quilt to her at some point. I started in January I believe for her birthday in early February. Well… life happens and I got bogged down. Part of the delay was just finding the time to work on it, while another issue was creativity blocks.

Here it is; Emma’s quilt.

Front, slightly blurry sigh…

I wanted it to be wonky squares but I didn’t want them to be TOO wonky. When I finally put together the top, I feel like it is not wonky enough. Oh well. I wanted to try different quilting on each block. Easier said than done. It was great practicing new styles of quilting. I did mostly free motion quilting in different patterns. I think my favorites were the pebbles and the continuous flower. I did do plenty of stitch removal of course.

Detail shot

I did some fun things in here as well. I didn’t want to put a traditional quilt label on it because well, I don’t really like them. Instead I embroidered the year on an E and appliqued that to the back. It was slightly tricky to sandwich, square and quilt because I did some silly stuff like this. No matter, I’m happy with the finished product. The back looks the way I had planned with all the colors in varying heights around the border.

Back view to easily see different patterns on different blocks and fun border!

I used prepackaged binding again. Soon I’ll use the binding maker I have and get ambitious. I actually bound this one quite fast.


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