Posted by: begraceful | July 12, 2012


Lots has been going on lately but some of it hush hush. Most is just being busy with work and normal life. On to my favorite… bullets!

– Girl puppy had surgery again on Tuesday. She did well but while she was under they found more mast cells and took them off. We looked her over this morning and she had around 6 or 7 lumps removed.
– Mast cells make me sad.
– We went on a minor shopping spree last weekend. We bought a DSLR and a new iMac for me. Both on sale. 🙂
– Mac sales aren’t that great but eh, better than nothin!
– Raspberry popsicles are awesome.
– I’ve finished the secret project. I keep waiting for it to be sunny when I get home so I can take proper pictures!
– I am in NO way mad at the rain. It’s been so nice!
– I picked up paint chips at the store the other day. Woo hoo projects!
– This tuna sandwich from Thundercloud is hitting the spot.
– The nephew gift was well received by the way. I don’t think he cared about it too much but his parents enjoyed it. 🙂
– I want to push people down who try to barge into elevators. Let me off!
– I still haven’t done the EIN etc for Sweet Stitchery yet. I’m skerd…

Back to work… later!


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