Posted by: begraceful | June 12, 2012

Nephew gift!

The secret project went on a quick hold over the weekend. Again. I know, Emma is FREAKING OUT. ; )

This project needed to be finished by this Thursday… SO, I did it! WOOT! It took a total of about 3 hours I believe. I got this idea last Thursday as Eric and I had been trying to think of birthday gifts for our niece and nephew. She’s one and he’s five. Both birthdays have passed (we’re a bad aunt & uncle pair) but we are taking a trip to see them & other family and leave on Thursday. Just a few days!! Nothing like a last minute project before a trip. Because I’ve NEVER done that before! *wink* Lets see, the cover up before our cruise that ended up too short (if I had done this earlier, I could have fixed this. Why haven’t I fixed it now?!), the quilt for miss Lexi which I finished in the car on the drive from NYC to PA… Oh well, hopefully I’ll learn.

Anywho, inspiration struck because I’ve been seeing his father post pictures of the tool box he built as well as the tools that were given to fill it. Both dad and son like John Deere so I concocted my plan. Nephew needs a tool belt! One with John Deere fabric which I had seen previously at Joann’s! I followed this tutorial which was great.

I made only a few changes. I added a second hammer loop. You know, just in case. I also did a sneaky thing by using the yellow on the inside of the pocket piece and not pressing right on the seam so that the yellow would show on the front as if I had used piping (kinda). But so much easier!

His tools may be SLIGHTLY different…

I used interfacing on the back panel as well as the pocket panel since I used 100% cotton for everything. Hopefully it will stand up to a five year old.

I think it turned out quite well. Hopefully he likes it!



  1. The tool belt is fantastic.

  2. So cute. You’re awesome =)

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