Posted by: begraceful | June 9, 2012

What would you do?

We have a conundrum. The neighbors who live directly behind us have this sweet (as far as I’ve experienced) bulldog who is an outside dog. Now, I realize that some people think we are crazy for treating our dogs like we do. They are currently our children. We hug them and play with them and they live in our house as family members. We do have boundaries of course. They are not allowed on furniture and we are able to have them ‘go lay down’ and stop pestering us. They don’t enjoy it but they are also fed on a schedule no matter how much they complain (coughSYDNEYcough). They are still dogs.
When I was growing up, miss Sadie was a half in/half out dog. She slept outside and was there when we left the house but when we were home, she was with us. She didn’t get on the furniture either and didn’t like my waterbed anyway when I tried to make her sleep with me. I like to think that she enjoyed being outside where she could crunch june bugs, eat amphibians and lounge around. She had a dog house and water of course, all under the giant patio cover.
Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that I can’t imagine having an outside-only dog anymore. Or at least, not one you ignore. I can’t be sure because I’m not out back all the time but it doesn’t seem like anyone comes outside to play with this neighbor dog. The yard is barren except for a dog house out in the partially dead grass. Sometimes they mow but sometimes the weeds are just HUGE. The only shade is from our giant tree that hangs partially over their fence. She has almost dug under our fence a few times and we had to put in rebar to keep our soil from falling in her hole when it rains and to keep her in her own yard. I also think it was cooler in the freshly dug soil under the tree vs. her dog house. I’m trying to think of the last time I’ve actually seen her but I don’t recall. I know she woke me up by barking at 4am the other day. We’ve heard her at 10pm and 2am before as well. We always wonder if it was because the family forgot to feed her.

Anyway, this is all conjecture but what would you do? Anything? Call 311 at 4am when she starts barking like crazy? I feel bad for her : (


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