Posted by: begraceful | June 1, 2012


Recent thoughts & things…
– The coy at work are still fun to watch.
– The heron that sometimes comes around is definitely a great blue. We saw him a little closer today and he has the black mask and everything!
– I’m finally seriously planning the shop. I need a name though. I was not in love with the original.
– I’ve been really working on the secret project and I’m really looking forward to working on it tonight. I finally got over the mental block from the last few months. Whew
– Sunday is our last soccer game of the season!
– We are going to the roller derby this weekend with some neighbor friends! Should be fun. I don’t think they’ve been to a bout before. We’ve only been to one.
– We may even take the train!! You know how I love the train. 🙂
– Last weekend we trimmed the garden back. Well the tomatoes. A few of the cherry branches were spanning the length of the whole plot!
– I hope that we didn’t trim too much and shock the plants….
– Eric has a concert on Sunday. He will sing pretty I’m sure.

Have a lovely weekend interwebs!


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