Posted by: begraceful | May 30, 2012

Secret project sneak peek

Maybe it’s mean to show but… muahahaha!
This project is taking WAY longer than I anticipated. But I guess I shouldn’t be surprised when I decided to use many many new-to-me techniques instead of one simple one.


Wrong side! See, still tricky!

This is getting oh so close. I want to buckle down and just DO IT! Sometimes life gets in the way, or I have mental roadblocks or I have to go to that one place… you know, work. Makin the big bucks! Haha good one.  Anyway, I’ve had the motivation bug lately so hopefully I can funnel it and power through to a finish on this baby!



  1. Is it rude to say “finish this already because I’m super impatient (but I’m sure you knew that already, ha!)” =D

    • Psha!!!

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