Posted by: begraceful | May 12, 2012


We are flush with tomatoes!!!

Maybe I’m weird. I never liked tomatoes as a kid. Tomato sauce and ketchup were fine but slices of tomato on burgers and such… gross! Now I’m a grown up (hahahahaha) and I do like them sometimes. When they’re good tomatoes of course. I still don’t like them on burgers but since we’ve had our gardens, I have really enjoyed those. People always say there’s something about fresh tomatoes from the garden and it’s true. We just made bruschetta and it was AWESOME.

I’m a little blurry and excited. Please ignore.

We used fresh cherry tomatoes and basil from the garden, a little salt, pepper, garlic and oregano and a bit of olive oil. This is how it looked!

Delicious!! We have a number of different types of tomatoes growing. The lightest color are Snow White cherry tomatoes while the more yellow are just Yellow Cherry Tomatoes. We also have a few little red cherries but Eric keeps eating them from the window sill. : ) We also have big tomatoes growing but none are ripe yet. they’re huge though. And because of recent rain, the plants themselves are humongous!



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