Posted by: begraceful | May 2, 2012

Spring Garden 2012

It’s almost time!!! Almost time to eat tomatoes! My mom is still surprised that I am now eating tomatoes as I wouldn’t ever eat them as a child. However, it’s true when they say that they always taste better fresh and from your own garden.

This year we went to the Sunshine Community Gardens plant sale. It was fun! So many plants and people right in the center of Austin. We had heard about this community garden on our Urban Farms Bike Tour with Bicycle Sport Shop last year. They were advertising their annual plant sale. The amount of plants, especially tomatoes, was incredible. We bought 6 tomatoes, 2 hot peppers, 2 bell type peppers, 1 basil plan, 1 parsley and 1 eggplant for fun. So far we lost 1 tomato to some catapillars but replaced it in a different part of the garden with one from Gaddy’s. Right now it’s looking puny so who knows if it will be productive.

We didn’t learn from our mistake last year and again planted the tomatoes too close together… Oops! We also picked up some bush beans from Gaddy’s since the pole beans didn’t produce a thing last year. I’m happy to report that we already have beans!

And lastly, I leave you with a glorious picture. Cherry tomatoes starting to ripen! We put up the bird netting last night so hopefully these will make it!!



  1. Yay, tomatoes!!! Now all we need is to get you on the mango bandwagon. . .

    • Um, no way jose. Mangoes are disgusting.
      : )

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