Posted by: begraceful | April 19, 2012

Hello Blog!!!!

Long time no see! Or talk.. or post? whatever…

Where have I been? I don’t know, not a TON has been going on here. Just busy with work and other stuff. I have not made much progress on the secret project which is nagging me pretty much every day. I have a slight creative slump on that project. Hopefully my head will work it out soon. I’m almost done with the dog bed. I only need to complete 3 steps:

1. baste the zipper seam

2. sew in zipper

3. open baste stitches


We went to the Pup Crawl and Poker Run last weekend benefiting Weim Rescue. It was fun. We bar hopped to 4 bars on Rainey St. I think my favorite was Clive… One, because they had the best ambiance and I enjoyed their furniture. Two, they had a hard cider I liked! and three, they are pup friendly. Eric won 3rd place in the poker hand and won a cool gift basket with dog things including treats, a new ‘grunt’ toy for Sydney (instead of squeak), and a massage for me! Well, that’s how I would divide it at least.

Parker just licked my arm. I’m 80% sure he’s been eating poo. Fantastic!

Eric has a choir concert tomorrow and Saturday. My dad’s birthday is tomorrow so he has decided the concert is in his honor. He’s a funny guy.

I made a new doctor appt yesterday. I got home to look at the list of doctor suggestions from my nurse friend and low and behold, the doctor I made the appt with was not suggested. Well crap. I’ll have to call tomorrow and hope one of the suggested ones has an opening. : )

Joanna’s bachelorette party is this weekend! I need to pack tonight since I’ll be leaving straight from the concert tomorrow night. I’m just proud I already wrapped her gift.

I also sent Emma’s BOG out! WOOT. That’s Box-o-goodies for those who want to know…

Similar to children, I’m starting to wonder what the dogs are up to because I am not hearing anything, including snoring…

Peace! Gotta go stop those doggies from doing something ridiculous. Like eat Tupperware lids. Oh wait, Parker has already done that this week…


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