Posted by: begraceful | April 6, 2012


I did not remember to take a picture of my breakfast which is sad. Sad because it was awesome and awesomely non-breakfasty! It seems like I’m turning into my mom a little in that I am excited to have non-breakfast food for breakfast. However, I won’t be eating cold pizza. I don’t care what you or she says, that’s just weird.
Wednesday’s breakfast: picture big tortilla chips with refried beans, pico, cheese, some guac in places, misplaced lettuce in places = delicious leftover nachos!
Next: coffee! Each morning Eric makes espresso and then steams milk to make me a latte. It is awesome. He adds just the right amount of sugar free syrup. And now I have enough travel mugs that I don’t have to wash midweek! 🙂


This is coffee, morning banana (I got too busy to eat it) and my water bottle at work. Yum.
Lunch was a mismash. We had cooked brown rice sitting there and I added a bit of pesto, some mozzarella and frozen veggies. Strange looking but yummy!


Oh yeah, I also grabbed a pb cup from the kitchen. 🙂
Dinner consisted of wine and appetizers at wine night! Fun times. I was not impressed by my cheesecake tartlets but there were a few people who were grabbing thirds!


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