Posted by: begraceful | March 27, 2012


Soccer this weekend was brutal. I haven’t played in weeks, was sick 2 weeks ago and haven’t really caught up on sleep etc. We had a doubleheader, back to back games starting at 1pm with no break in between. It was very fun. We seem to have a good group of girls and we all played really hard. We won both games!! I scraped up my knee a bit but its not as bad as Kayla our goalie. She slid once and has a knot/bruise bigger than a grapefruit!

Today is day 2 of being sore and man am I ever. I look silly when I walk because it just hurts. My left quad and right shin are so tight! I basically have to fall into my chair because I can’t let myself down gradually. Yesterday I was pointing to my computer screen for a while, keeping track of my location in a list. By the end even my arm was aching! What’s up with my arms! I only threw the ball in once! Right now I’m sitting with my legs crossed. I had to cross them manually… now I just hope no one makes me laugh because laughing and caughing remind me that at some point on Sunday, I used the muscles surrounding my ribs as well as my abs… holy cow coughing hurts!

Since this is the second day I’m hoping for relief tomorrow… in any case, good games! Wins! Yay exercise!


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