Posted by: begraceful | March 18, 2012

San Francisco

Warning, essay below!!

I’ve been in the bay area since last week for work and I’ve got 5 more days! It has been a crazy trip so far. First when I arrived, it took a while to get my rental car. They were giving me a Tahoe and while lots of people would likely move out of my way on the California roads, I was a bit concerned about parking the monster. I’m not staying downtown or anything but I would not be confident parallel parking that thing. So I traded down for a Camry. People seem to find that funny but I’m sure it gets better mileage and I can park easily!! One downfall, door locks are not electric. Whatev, I can turn a key.
The next step in my trip was checking into my hotel after driving the 101 in the rain at night. Let me just say, Marriott is awesome, especially when your husband has status and you book with his name. 🙂 best decision ever. I was placed on the concierge floor with a lovely king bed and nice bathroom. This would later come in handy along with the breakfast in the concierge lounge. So I arrive at my hotel, eat a bit of my salad from Trader Joes and start feeling awful. Long story short, some sleeping plus illness and cooling myself on the giant bathroom floor ensues until 1am when I call the nurse hotline from my insurance to determine if I should go to the hospital. I decide to get Marriott to call me a cab to get there since I could tell my blood pressure was ridiculously low… One creepy ER, a long wait to see a dr, an IV, anti-nausea meds and 5 hours later, I cab it back to the Marriott. They say I had a stomach flu and got really dehydrated. I drank a bottle and a half of water before going to the hospital but it didn’t help. Back at the Marriott, I asked for gatorade and the front desk grabbed it from the little shop. I wonder if $1.50 will be on my bill… Whatever. I missed the first day of training and slept off and on with gatorade and toast breaks. Thanks concierge lounge for the toast!

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were uneventful days of training where I tried to eat the most bland foods possible. Friday morning at 1am I woke up, I thought because I had to pee, a lovely byproduct of drinking so much water and gatorade… however, a minute later I found out what probably actually woke me up. The smoke detector in my room was beeping for new batteries. I called down to the front desk and they sent up a security guard with batteries. Once replaced, we seemed to be in good shape. 20 minutes later though, the beeping began anew. This time, they were not able to do anything as it would be considered tampering with the detector. They would have to wait for the engineer at 7am. Obviously I had to move rooms. I quickly packed my things and accompanied the security guard to a king suite a few floors down. While he got correct keys from the front desk, I turned on the AC to find it spit out hot air no matter what you set it to. Thankfully I hadn’t unpacked much. So we moved on to yet ANOTHER room. This one is impressive and I’m sure I’m underpaying for it. They put me in a king suite LOFT! I basically have a small apartment. It’s kinda nuts. Only negatives are that the AC unit next to the bed is SO loud I have to sleep with both earplugs in. The bathroom is also not quite as awesome as the first room. Whatever, I’m not actually complaining. 🙂

Training has been interesting and not exactly applicable to my position but interesting none the less. The Decker communications training has been the best part so far. I hate public speaking but it was actually fun and very helpful.

Now it is the weekend and I’ve been free to entertain myself. Yesterday I went into the city using 3 modes of public transportation total. Walked a ton and saw some sights. It was unfortunately quite cold and I needed a bit more to stay comfortable…

Today I have stayed around the Redwood City area and am going to a movie now!

Interesting things I encountered this weekend…
– Dogs! On the BART, in the mall, in walgreens and walking around town. Only one dog I saw was a working dog and he was on the street. I am still impressed by the one on the BART train and he was so well behaved!
– Open containers on the caltrain. I was shocked by it but after talking to the barista at the hotel, it makes sense that they made it legal so people wouldn’t drink and drive from the AT&T stadium. Still, bottle of whiskey in your purse? Walking around with a Corona? Strange.
– Everyone and their mother has an Texas connection. One bartender used to live there, another’s girlfriend was in ATX for south by and I also met the mother of a Houston Dynamo!
– Quintessential San Francisco, “a beautiful woman who is always sick.”
– Sea lions are funny creatures. Oh the barking!


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