Posted by: begraceful | February 26, 2012

Dog bed

I’ve had this big piece of foam for a few years now. I bought it to make a dog bed but when I put it in a fleece dog bed cover that we had, Parker wouldn’t even step on it. I think the reason is because the fleece kinda slipped on the foam.

The reason we need yet another dog bed – aside from the fact that at least two that I remember have been destroyed – is that our puppies are becoming old doggies. They both seem to have a touch of arthritis. The vet mentioned it about Parker but he doesn’t really show any symptoms. Sydney has a few days every now and then where she is limping, especially after getting up from bed. We sat there and poked, prodded, and rubbed. She didn’t react to a specific area and seemed to get better with movement so we’re figuring arthritis.

So, since the first test with foam didn’t work out, I tried another route. I wrapped the foam in some cheap polyfil batting and a piece of cotton fabric. Here are the results.

Dog 1

Dog 2 (and jealous dog 1)

Project approved for production. Just as soon as I finish other works in progress!


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