Posted by: begraceful | February 9, 2012

Random things…

– Eating things we’ve grown in our garden is so fun! Plus it makes me feel healthy. And proud for growing it.

– I need to get some exercise going pretty soon… soccer season starts on the 19th!

– I’m so excited about soccer starting.

– I’m trying to keep busy with yoga, sewing, cooking and soon soccer!

– Sewing secret things is not handy for blogging.

– I always forget to take good pictures of non-secret sewing… well, I forget to take pictures of secret sewing too.

– I have that blue quilt probably 85% quilted. It was put on hold for the secret project but will be finished soon I’m sure of it!!

– I’m all booked to go to San Francisco for almost two weeks in March. Even though it’s for work, I hope it will be fun! At least the weekend I’m there I can do something fun. I think I’ll have to make the farmers market at the ferry building… Next, hoping for nice weather!

I’m glad this post makes me look so positive with lots of “!!” I’ve been a bit down lately and its not great for blogging. Oh well, hopefully I can stay/be positive and focus on things that make me happy. That’s the plan man.



  1. I want to know aaaaaallll about this secret project!!

  2. No way Jose!!

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