Posted by: begraceful | January 23, 2012

Sewing groove

I’m finally getting into a sewing groove. I MADE myself finish the laptop bag I started last year. I’m not really all that happy with it but a friend of mine complimented me on it when she came over a few weeks ago… : ) Maybe I’ll figure out a better style for me and list this one.

I started playing around with fabric in a sort of improvisational way based on some tutorials by Oh, Fransson! I love the pillow cover she made especially. I’m really not good at making things a) without a plan b) wonky and without straight lines. I tend to be a perfectionist and like things geometric and square. What I mean is, if it’s all crooked, I’m going to stare at it and hate it every time I see it… SO… I did it. I made 9 large-ish blocks of blue scraps with gray sashing. Then I connected with more gray. I’m planning on a pieced stripe within more of the gray on the backing. I’m still debating the binding… The other part I’m debating is, do I give this away or sell it? I’m trying to think of people I know having boys soon but I don’t know anyone that well to whom I would be gifting a quilt. I know plenty of preggos though. It seems they’re everywhere.

Eric was so sweet for holding up the quilt top in the wind : )

I’ve decided to actually do my hobbies this year. I don’t know if ‘do’ is the correct verb… I’m going to play soccer again but I’m also wanting to actually sew, sell the things I make, cook more, bake yummy bread etc. Hopefully that also makes me blog more! HA!


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