Posted by: begraceful | January 17, 2012

Half chipmunk

Tonight I am sitting in my darkened kitchen with frozen peas held to my face. No I didn’t get in a fight. I had the apicoectomy on Monday… I guess I’m glad for the sedative bc I don’t remember much. And what I did remember on Monday has pretty much faded by now. So weird. Anyway, I’m swollen and I hate it. I thought it went down yesterday afternoon but this morning I was again a half chipmunk. Dislike!
I held the ice pack from my lunch to my face part of the day. My coworkers just looked at me kind of pitifully… and as I was trying to go to bed it just felt like it was getting bigger again. So a few more minutes of frozen peas and I’ll be back to bed where my hubs and pups are sleeping peacefully… work your magic peas!!


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