Posted by: begraceful | January 9, 2012

Things and thoughts

– Sydney had surgery again last week. It went really well thankfully. Tonight she has been whiney and I don’t know why. She did eat some of the file folder and duct tape holding together her super cone… sigh
– she has eaten other crazy things so I’m not worried quite yet.
– my husband is still at work and that makes me sad but I know he is frustrated and trying to fix stuff. Hopefully he does since he needs it all to work tomorrow.
– I hate being cold. Its chilly out and my office is cold.
– I’m feeling unfulfilled. Gotta figure that out.
– I hope Syd doesn’t lick any stitches tonight.
– I also hope she and her brother refrain from waking me up. I’m tired.
– the brussel sprouts and parsnips in our roasted medley this weekend were delish!
– I’ve made the decision to start eating more protein for breakfast in the hopes of staying full longer…
– I wish my shoulders didn’t hurt and weren’t so tight.
I feel like this list is not very positive and almost everything starts with “I” but I’m too tired to change it and think of anything better.


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