Posted by: begraceful | December 27, 2011

Mast Cells

I’m sure I’ve written about this before and called them mass cells… oops. Little miss thinks-shes-a-princess Sydney is a tumor factory producing mast cell tumors. They’re rated 1-3, stage 3 being the most malignant. So far she’s only had stage 1 tumors I believe. I forget now… maybe there was a two in there somewhere. Anywho, she had quite a few removed in September and we’ve found a few more lumps since then. I took her in for a look at them during the last week of November. One was confirmed to be a mast cell…

Our vet had been to a conference since Sydney’s last surgery where they talked about mast cell tumors and using steroids to shrink them before surgery. This is the route we’re trying. She’s been on prednisone before for her eye and the first round of mast cells. She tolerates it pretty well really so we weren’t afraid to put her back on it. Thankfully, this treatment worked. We visited our vet again today and scheduled surgery for next week. We’ve got the prednisone still pumping to make sure it stays little and we’re hoping for another stage 1!!

My sweet baby.  I believe she was growling here because we weren’t getting food out as she requested (by barking) – it was way before dinner time. This was also just after Thanksgiving where she decided to lay down in some tree sap and get a spot on her neck all sticky. I had to cut out the fur there. : )


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