Posted by: begraceful | December 18, 2011

All sorts of things!

I’m excited about…
– My parents arrived yesterday and are visiting for a week!
– I’m on my 15th day at my new job and so far so good!
– I’m was in training last week and I understood it! (Mostly)
– I can’t wait until my friend Emma opens her Christmas gift from me….
– The last session of my beginners yoga class was today! 🙂 and 😦 It was like a normal Hatha class and it was great. I really liked the sun salutations we did. They made me feel strong! 🙂

Not excited about:
– Girl puppy being a tumor factory. She had a new one a few weeks ago and its not good news. She will likely need surgery again soon. She’s still going to get these tumors but so far they’ve not really affected her much and they’ve been skin level. As soon as they start progressing to stage 3 (of 3), she’ll be put on an oral chemo drug. 😦 hopefully it’ll be a while before that happens. Hopefully she’ll slow down the production of these things and won’t start with any internal tumors….
– I get to have a root canal-like procedure in a few weeks… apicoectomy! It’s good because I’m not in pain at the moment and this should prevent it.

Now I must get to bed! I realize it’s early but I’m so tired…


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