Posted by: begraceful | December 7, 2011

Latest quilt

I used the same quilt pattern for this one as previous quilts. The pattern came from the quilting class I took at the Stitch Lab on South First. Such a cute place, it’s an old home converted into a studio and fabric shop. I have a credit there I need to use, just haven’t figured out when and what! Eric helped pick out the fabrics for this quilt months ago when we thought his sister’s baby would be a boy. Since she ended up a girl, this quilt was sidelined. However, a good friend of mine is pregnant and due in a few weeks with a boy! The only difference here was an added letter applique. I made sure to stitch it down first and then used the zig zag stitch to finish. Thankfully, they’re not changing the name so the A can stay. : )

I forgot to take photos of the quilt itself yet again so the only photo I have is one from her baby shower last month. I was glad that she appreciated it.


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