Posted by: begraceful | December 5, 2011

Books – Part 2

More books I read so far this year…

One Day – David Nicholls

This is probably the only one from this list that I wouldn’t think to recommend to others. It was definitely one I cried about on the train though. I didn’t think it was that good for pretty much the first half to two-thirds of the book. Maybe that’s because I wanted to slap the guy but also because some of the jumping ahead and back in time, remembering moments in the past, wasn’t done cleanly and messed with me. Still, a good ending even though it was sad.

The Sweet Hereafter – Russell Banks

The story of a school bus crash and the people in the small town where it happens. Told from a number of perspectives, it is interesting in the characters’ actions and perspectives. Secrets each person had and how it affected the aftermath of the crash. This one was a quick read as there was a lot of action in the beginning and by the time you get to toward the end, you’re invested in the characters.

The Help – Katheryn Stockett

I really liked this book as many people I’m sure do. The movie was also good but they took out a few details that I think should have and could have easily been left in. I can’t imagine living in Jackson at the time so this was fascinating to me. It was also interesting hearing from people who had gone to the movie talking about their parents, grandparents and others’ perspectives on racism and what was going on in the deep South during this time.

My Sister’s Keeper – Jodi Picoult

You may have also watched this movie. Not sure what the deal is with me reading books that have been made into movies… Either way, this one was really good also. I’m glad I didn’t see the movie first (well I still haven’t) as it would have ruined the twist at the end. It has a good amount of teenage/childhood angst and interesting dichotomies between characters – firefighter father vs. arsonist son. This was one of the books I finished on the train, trying not to cry.

House Rules – Jodi Picoult

I picked this up because I liked My Sister’s Keeper and figured Jodi Picoult had written other good works. : ) This book was well written also. I learned so much about the autism spectrum and especially Asberger’s. Now whenever I watch The Big Bang Theory, I look at the character of Sheldon so much differently. Anyway.. this book was also good and although the lack of communication was there that I typically hate (Ug Serendipity), it was interesting and definitely kept my attention.


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