Posted by: begraceful | December 1, 2011

Temporary Visitor!

When we arrived home from camp Thanksgiving, we saw a cute little dachshund running around a few doors down. We got our dogs in the house and started unloading. My first item of business was to bathe the stinky dogs. Sydney has some sap still on her neck. Pretty sure I’m going to have to cut out what I can and let the rest grow out… Oh puppy, that’s what you get for laying down in the woods when I had a nice blanket out on the ground. When they were clean, we came out to a surprise. A visitor! Eric had been finishing the unloading and saw that the little doxie was unattended and no one answered the door of the address listed on her collar, 3 houses away. We brought her in, had her meet our pups and called the number on her tag. No answer there either. We did find that her name was Daisy Lou! She was very very cute but didn’t listen too well and didn’t answer to her name. Parker tried to play with her but wasn’t sure what to do as her whole head fit in his mouth. He tried to paw at her but that didn’t work out either. She did play bite him on the neck a bit. Sydney was tired after the trip so she didn’t care about Daisy which was probably for the best. Once she was rested, Syd didn’t care much for her. Acted like she was a minor annoyance.

Daisy was a lovey puppy. We weren’t sure how old she was but she was sure playful. She also wasn’t exactly house-trained, at least not in our house… That was the only bad part about the visit. But really, in comparison to our dogs, the poops were tiny and so they were actually slightly funny.

On Saturday, we called the number of the vet on her rabies tag but they didn’t have another number for the puppy parents. We kept her and crated her at night which went perfectly. Daisy’s parents didn’t come home until early Sunday morning and they finally came over to claim her. Apparently they had left her in the backyard for a few days and didn’t expect her to chew the bottom of the fence and escape. We were happy to hang out with her and cuddle with her. She’s really cute.





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