Posted by: begraceful | November 5, 2011


So funny story…. there were NO campsites available when I called multiple parks. Eric was really bummed. We did find a few first-come-first-served parks with primitive sites (no water/electric) and they’re only about 30 min from the house! We packed up, partially using the list I’d found online somewhere and headed out. The dogs were so excited about the car ride. 🙂 We stopped for brats, gas and a few things at wally world and were on our way…
First park: Cypress Creek. It’s dark by the time we get out there and Eric loves to drive fast on windey roads, therefore I’m anxious/stressed. Get to the entrance and a sign on the gate says no overnight camping, day use only. Well boo! The county website lies!!!
Second park: Sandy Creek. (Off of lime creek road. What’s up with all the creeks out here?) We enter the park, no one at the closed up office-like building but also no signs saying no camping! We drive around looking at campsites and there is no one anywhere… I find this strange since all the reservable sites in the area are full. We decide to stay and choose a location. We haul the now really excited dogs out of the car after more than the usual leash finageling – Parker decided to squish me against the car roof as I tried to get Sydney’s collar on. So sweet. We get out some stuff and start setting up the tent by the glow of our headlights. Got the footprint out, tent out and spread out… about to put the stakes into the ground and I hear “crap” from Eric’s direction. I figured we’d forgotten the rubber mallet for the stakes. Oh no, we had that. He was going to start the lantern and realized we hadn’t packed the propane. We’d also forgotten the grill. Crap is right. You see, Texas (yes, I’m pretty sure the whole state) is under a burn ban. You can’t make a fire with solid fuel aka wood. You can only use propane…. so now we don’t have a way to cook our dinner. It was sad but we packed up and headed home. Pretty sure we won’t forget those things again. It was such a bummer though to be out there and having to turn back.
We’ll definitely need to make reservations for Thanksgiving. Maybe at Inks Lake since it’s sorta close to Llano and Coopers…
We did see some giant houses on our drive though. One looked like a castle. 🙂

Once home Eric hauled the grill and propane to the back porch and grilled brats for our dinner. Take that camping!


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