Posted by: begraceful | November 4, 2011

We may be slightly nuts…

We are going camping this weekend! It was 35 degrees outside when we woke up this morning! AH! We may be crazy. I’m not sure yet. It’s been getting into the 70s during the day but 40s at night. I’m sure the dogs will cuddle and warm us up, plus Eric is a heater. We have a tent, sleeping bags, air mattress : ), cooking stuff, little grill… I’m sure it’ll be fun. This is our test run for Thanksgiving. We’re thinking about camping for more than one night then. This weekend though, I start the beginners yoga class series on Sunday!!!! So we can’t be out all weekend and I’m really excited. I also have a soccer game later in the day. Hopefully I can steer clear of concussions and bruises and such.

So we don’t have a campsite reserved…. Not sure what to think about that right now as it probably would have been a good idea. Oh well, I’ll call around to some places today to see what’s available. We’re planning to stay close to home since it’s only for one night but we’ll see where we end up.

Oh, so I have done some sewing lately. I just haven’t gotten the pictures taken, posts written up.. shoot, the actual sewing completed! Plus I doubt the inner pocket lining of my jacket is very exciting… but I finally fixed it!! No more hole for my hand to go through thank goodness. That was quite annoying every time I put on my jacket. Next up, finishing a quilt for a new baby (friend’s) and my laptop bag. Since I’m working from home today, maybe I can work on something during my lunch break. : )


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