Posted by: begraceful | October 24, 2011

What we did this weekend…

– Ate trailer food!! It was the weekend of the Gypsy picnic at Auditorium Shores in Austin this weekend. The best was the pizza, pierogis that were different from how we know them and Eric would probably say the craft beer…
– Biked around downtown with my honey. 🙂
– Visited the texas book festival.
– Bought a gardening book… from the A&M university press (booo but they are good at agriculture… duh)
– Watched a cooking presentation on booze!
– Eric has already made 3 golden gin fizzes since…
– I played soccer and had 2 assists! However, I was playing defense… which means I was running too much.
– We had a full team for once! Yaaay! We won!
– We practiced setting up our tent! It’s quick!
– Made a trip to sams and only bought what was on our list. That’s a first!
– Cooked for my hubby but that happens most days. 🙂


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