Posted by: begraceful | October 19, 2011

Fresh fruits and veggies!

Last week we ordered a local box from Greenling. The company delivers big green boxes containing local and organic fruits and veggies!!! The local box is a mix of whatever is fresh and in season. It’s pretty cool because you don’t know *exactly* what they’ll put in there. They post a list but there are sometimes substitutions. You can also just basically grocery shop and pick exactly what you want, add in fresh, local meats, cheese, pasta, yogurt etc. It’s pretty awesome! Especially that it’s delivered to your door.

Anywho, this week’s list…..

Asian pears – check

Apples – check

Bell peppers – check

Live rosemary plant -check

Zucchini – check

Garlic chives – check

Fuyu Persimmons – check

Bibb lettuce – check

Sweet potatoes or pickling cucumbers – NO CHECK. The substitute? A million patty pan squash! They look so cool!!!!

We’re excited because we’ll eat all of this! Although, anyone know what to do with persimmons?!?

We also planted our ‘winter’ garden this weekend. I say ‘winter’ because technically it’s fall but its about 89 degrees outside right now and we’re still in shorts and sandals. We planted broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, carrots and peas! We’ll see how it all does. We already put up the bunny fence. Better to be safe than sorry! The bunnies have been out and about lately and I’m sure they would like our veggies. We’re also contemplating planting a peach tree. Just have to figure out when exactly to plant…. We’ve read conflicting directions. February vs. October… very different! Hopefully we’ll have some great veggies to eat in 45 – 60 days!!




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