Posted by: begraceful | October 18, 2011

Foot update

My foot hurts. What an update! Ha.
I haven’t been doing very well with the pt exercises I was given. Maybe that would help with the pain. It doesn’t seem like a good idea to have to go back to pt all the time. If this continues though, I’ll go back. I have been exercising more I think than when I was doing pt. Maybe that’s why its hurting so much. Or maybe one of my pairs of shoes is no good. Either way, whenever I shifted my weight standing on the train today, I got shooting pain from that dang nerve…
Hopefully today’s pain is just because I’m wearing new shoes. I finally got to use my shoe groupon and bought some cute Orthaheel sneakers in ‘taupe’. I would say the base is taupe but the accents are sort of bronzeish. Either way, they don’t look like old lady shoes so yay!
I’m contemplating calling around to see if anyone carries the Dansko Kody boots. I like the look of them online and they have a removable footbed which is great. I think I need to increase the arch support in the Dansko brand… i’d also like to see them because they are $175!! Definitely want to make sure they’ll work before buying.
Why all the shoe buying? I have no winter shoes. Granted, in Texas you don’t need much but I’ve got just workout shoes and that’s not really going to work.


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