Posted by: begraceful | October 14, 2011

Freeport, Bahamas

This cruise, we didn’t go with any of the excursions offered by Carnival. Our first cruise, we did one at each stop. Eric pointed me to for ideas of what to do in each port. The site was very helpful and we did use a lot of the info for each port we visited. For Freeport, we chose to schedule an ‘excursion’ to Paradise Cove at Deadman’s Reef.

It’s a little ‘resort’ place on the beach. I say ‘resort’ because it is very simple but wonderful. The buildings are better than shacks but its not all fancy like the Atlantis resort would be.

We went to Paradise Cove for snorkeling and had a great time.

Trying on my snorkel : )

They give you a bit of background, tell you about some wildlife in the area – what not to touch etc – and send you out. We saw all sorts of fish of course, including a moray eel. EEEK! Eric saw a turtle but I missed it. We had a fish friend following us for a bit. He was cute. We also saw a number of rays. One was a giant spotted eagle ray and he creeped me out a bit. Not because he would hurt me or anything, he’s just at least 6 feet long with a wingspan of as much. Very pretty though flying across the sand. We also had lunch here. I had a burger and Eric had the lobster special. We shared Conch fritters which were pretty tasty.

It rained on us a bit while we were there but after being in an awful drought for months on end, we enjoyed the sprinkle!

The great part about this place is that the package we bought included transportation to and from the ship. They were sure to drive us back in time for the ship leaving – at least 3o minutes before we were required to be on board which made me feel safer. The driver also told us all about the area on the drive. Freeport is a weird place since it started as and mostly still is very industrial. They’re expanding the docks over the next few years to increase the cruise docks from a capacity of 4 as it is now to 10 to 12 in the future. Crazy!

One of my favorite shots. : )



  1. Love the photos!! My wife and I were there 3 or 4 days later.
    Didn’t have a great camera with me…..but i’ll just use yours
    if you don’ t mind. Thanks.
    We had a lot of fun there on what the locals call ‘Dead mans
    reef’ If my memory serve me right.
    Hope you guys had as much fun as we did.
    Jon and Mara

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