Posted by: begraceful | October 13, 2011

Nassau, Bahamas

In Nassau we decided to purchase a day at the British Colonial Hilton beach. The deal included $30 towards food so it was overall a great deal. Plus the beach was pretty and clean and safe. Yay!

The only bad part was the food service was pretty slow to the pool bar. Not sure what was going on with the kitchen but it took quite a while to receive our simple fish fingers….  to make that sound better, they were fresh grouper. : )

Anywho, this is our bird friend. Eric named him George. I was thinking Herbert but either way, he was cute. He had an injured wing so he was just walking around instead of flying with the other birds. It was kind of sad but he seemed pretty happy hanging at the beach resort. He also chased some insects. I hope he catches lots of them!

I forget if it was the guest services lady or who but someone mentioned that this hotel was used in one of the James Bond films – Casino Royale. We didn’t recognize it as such but I guess it could be.

After the beach, we stopped at a few shops on the way back to the ship. The straw market was a bit disappointing since I wasn’t interested in some knock off purses or luggage. Eric got a few cigars to enjoy though!


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